August 19th (flashbacks of glory)

Flashbacks to last night’s fundraiser, and the fateful quiz. It’s becoming quite the pattern for the teams I’m on to salvage victory by dominating the music round. Although I took a back seat this time, I’m still proud of getting our only answer with artist, song name and year all correct.

It was lovely working with the William’s trio at The Cabin. Also the first time I’ve made a maple mustard mushroom waffle without having an existential crisis, so a day full of positives. Couldn’t escape the allure of the kitchen even at home, tying myself to the stove even in my free time. Continued feeding my obsession of Japanese traditional music. 

Just as I sat down to drink some tea, had a great glory moment. In the activity of always trying to prepare a place for Holyspirit, I always miss the moment. But overcame this problem by refraining from stuffing my face with ginger nuts for a few seconds.

August 15th (reversion)

The weather was nice today, so did Chi Kung outside for the first time in a while. Somehow, everything makes more sense this way. Then went to work. Had to make a conscious effort not to revert to my usual role as kitchen skivvy, and focus on making lovely coffee. I may have an inferiority complex.

Despite my vast experience of shopping failures, I never realise that a written list is the best route to efficient purchasing. Today I relied on the three B approach – bin liners, bread, and belt. This worked well initially, with a few extra items added for good measure; boxers to prevent unpleasant chafing, and biscuits to provide me with unnecessary sugar. However, onions does not start with B, and now we only have one left.

I’ve been reading King Saul’s storyline recently, as a prequel to David. I feel sorry for him, as he’s probably the most tragic character in the bible. God seemed to use his life as a reason why David needed to be king instead. It makes sense as a literary device, but he was a real person as well.

August 12th (knowledge and experience)

I was feeling really impatient while doing Chi Kung this morning; at first I was really into it, then I wanted it to end. I started thinking of how the time spent doing it was extremely short in terms of the duration of my entire life, which helped. When I was walking to work, I suddenly had a massive appreciation of being alive. Spontaneous sprinting ensued, which also resulted in better punctuality.

After a day of constant verbal abuse in the kitchen, the Eastern theme continued with some wind-down Pilates. Then had an unexpectedly eventful worship session after tea.

I’m so used to the fact that Jesus is in everything, that I often forget there are times his presence is thick, in a way that defines a moment beyond the ordinary. Paul says in Philippians, “I want to know Christ and experience the mighty power that raised him from the dead.” Traditionally I have a more experience-based approach. But after an encounter comes the ordinary, out of which is born knowledge of his goodness, which tends to be even more profound.

August 5th (disappearing buffalo)

Spent the day working, where the legendary Native Indian album was requested to be played, only then to be ruthlessly slandered. I ended up questioning whether the guys I bought it off in town were real or just a hallucination. I’ve not seen them since, so maybe they transformed into an eagle and a buffalo, and ran off after our fateful meeting. There were several moments where I had to be patient and look at Jesus.

Yet again indulged in my month-long obsession with stir frys. After a while staring at the ceiling wondering why God decided to ruthlessly kill people for looking at the Ark of the Covenant in the old days, I decided it was time to go deep in worship. Still trying to find the place where deep calls out to deep that David mentions in Psalm 42, but I think if you sing really, really loudly like a child, you must be getting somewhere.

August 3rd (bye bye bagels)

In a rare moment of accurate time management, I woke up early enough to float around dreamily, and get to work ten minutes early. I even managed to read the Bible like a good Christian, and pray! Then was the slow, unpublicised funeral of the leftover cinnamon and raisin bagels. As they’ve been taken of the menu, any remaining are being slowly consumed behind the scenes; sorrowful and scrumptious simultaneously.

After tea, I slotted in a lonely rave before ascending to my bedroom to rest in glory. In my head, I always think that long times of worship must equal the best encounters. God doesn’t need ages, but we do, and he makes himself patient for us.

August 2nd (ping pong frenzy)

The day’s first main event was work, and the persistent wrestle with the mysterious concept of coffee-making. The highlight was the delivery of ice cream arriving at precisely the moment I need a scoop of vanilla. Not for myself of course, but all in the name of excellent customer service.

Went to The Picturehouse in the evening with some of my compadres. The exact aim of this social venture was hidden from me, but I’m now certain of several things that transpired. Firstly, my intuition that my hunger would be cured without paying for any food was correct, with an accidental free pizza being given to us. The second was intense competition around the table tennis table, of which I was a minor contributor.

Many original, meditative poses were used in order to align my heart and mind, so that I could channel my entire fury upon that white ball. There were flying glasses, by which I mean spectacles, due to violent enactments of theoretical rallies that unfortunately weren’t realised. All I truly know now is that that floor was extremely dusty, as my bag and feet can testify.

July 30th (the power of peppermint)

Got up really early to clean at church, before heading down to The Cabin. Even though it wasn’t the busiest I’ve known it, I found that shift the hardest I’ve ever done, because I was crossing so many different roles at once. I got to walk home in the rain though, in a sort cleansing and rebirth.

Pulled out a strong Pilates routine when I got back, before Callum called round to borrow our washing, being in dire shortage of certain, unspecified garments. I’ve never been really into peppermint tea, but I recently decided to diversify my tastes. Initially, £2.20 seemed a bit expensive when I prefer regular tea, but then I realised that’s about average for normal tea prices anyway. I’m conscious that with every sip I’m refining myself into a more purely spiritual being.

Enjoyed being with Holyspirit in the evening, sitting in my chair and listening to music. It was refreshing not to do any activity in pursuit of him.