August 15th (reversion)

The weather was nice today, so did Chi Kung outside for the first time in a while. Somehow, everything makes more sense this way. Then went to work. Had to make a conscious effort not to revert to my usual role as kitchen skivvy, and focus on making lovely coffee. I may have an inferiority complex.

Despite my vast experience of shopping failures, I never realise that a written list is the best route to efficient purchasing. Today I relied on the three B approach – bin liners, bread, and belt. This worked well initially, with a few extra items added for good measure; boxers to prevent unpleasant chafing, and biscuits to provide me with unnecessary sugar. However, onions does not start with B, and now we only have one left.

I’ve been reading King Saul’s storyline recently, as a prequel to David. I feel sorry for him, as he’s probably the most tragic character in the bible. God seemed to use his life as a reason why David needed to be king instead. It makes sense as a literary device, but he was a real person as well.

August 8th (drifting)

I realised after watching a video on YouTube, that I’ve been doing one of the Chi Kung positions wrong. Now by the end, my body isn’t in total rebellion against my will. Excited for my chi networks to become more flowing.

I went down to church to have some random chats and print off some things, which should only have taken a few hours. But then the promise of free Nando’s chicken at lunch caused me huge delays, thus compounding the impossibility of me ever leaving that building on time. Then went to town to get some exciting purchases, including my next wave of female vocalists, and socks. Had a meeting with careers at uni, only to find out my understanding of geography hadn’t improved much since GCSE, and I was a mile away from the correct room, a minor problem overcome by the telephone.

Decided to have a coffee, as another questionable investment wouldn’t go amiss. Thinking about how I don’t want achieve success, such as earning loads of money, but self-realisation. Jesus asked me to read Psalm 37:

Commit everything you do to the LORD

Trust him, and he will help you.

Be still in the presence of the LORD,

and wait patiently for him to act

August 1st (my other hero)

Had a really slow start to the day, with everything taking an inflated amount of time, perhaps due to the relaxation vibes permeates by the legendary Native Indian album. Finally made it out of the house to clean, where the ethereal melodies continued.

Managed to stuff my face with the last of the salted peanuts while being assaulted by the thunder gods. Then dried off at church, while continuing to next instalment of my epic lunch, with some soup to compliment my butterless bread. Hard times hit my lunch preparations in the morning. Then did a few hours of admin for Jayne, which mainly involved me wasting half an hour dealing with a vomiting shredder.

Then came the time to overcome the challenge that had been looming over me all day: lugging a week’s worth of food up the hill. After tea, I carried on reading 1 Samuel. Yesterday I decided I was better off reading some of the bible I enjoyed, instead of sitting in my chair paralysed, wondering which bit I’m supposed to read to address all my latent faults. Then watched the first episode of My Hero Academia, which interestingly has an underdog hero in a world of overpowered individuals.

July 2nd (another sunny afternoon)

Brought glory to worship this morning on the bass, hopefully. Then had a whole afternoon to spend in the sun, my eternal dream. Started off by reading The Picture of Dorian Gray in Weston Park. There is an interesting part where one of the characters, Lord Henry, talks about how, through art and literature, it’s possible to learn things that others need experience to discover. I spend loads of time listening to music and reading, so maybe this explains why I’m often frustrated when people’s thoughts and thought processes seem underdeveloped to me. Please be humble, I have to keep praying this.

I went to TK Maxx to buy some smart clothes. As I’ll be attending a few weddings over the summer, and hopefully job interviews as well, I need to at least pretend to be respectable. Appearance is everything, apart from if you’re King David. Also picked up two Fairy Tail box sets for only £14 altogether in HMV; yes please. Then Holyspirit wanted me to buy cookies. Why do all my spiritual encounters seem to be connected with Sainsbury’s? I asked why, and he said, “Lift your eyes.” This is what he says to people he knows in the bible when he wants them to trust. He wanted me to enjoy them with him, and put my spiritual strength before my physical. Sounds great in principal, but not looking forward to obesity if this continues.

Watched Pocahontas for the first time tonight; some of the animation was incredible. That first scene with her where she’s standing on the cliff over water, with the wind in her hair, sums up my ideal target for any glory moment.