August 11th (mystical trees)

Most of today was spent experiencing a cultural revival, by which I mean a renaissance of all my pop music idols, idols being a positive term in this context, as all their music helps me chat with the Lord Almighty. Hello Lady Gaga, Macklemore and Justin Bieber. Offensive language needn’t get in the way of a spiritual rinsing.

On the way to Ben and Grace’s leaving party, I walked through the cemetery. I only found out about this place when I moved away from that area, but it’s really atmospheric. This evening, the combination of trees and misty rain sent me on a nature energy bender. I often think it’s beneficial to get slightly lost. Many hijinks ensued at the house, including deceptively strong punch, and erotic mirrors.

August 1st (my other hero)

Had a really slow start to the day, with everything taking an inflated amount of time, perhaps due to the relaxation vibes permeates by the legendary Native Indian album. Finally made it out of the house to clean, where the ethereal melodies continued.

Managed to stuff my face with the last of the salted peanuts while being assaulted by the thunder gods. Then dried off at church, while continuing to next instalment of my epic lunch, with some soup to compliment my butterless bread. Hard times hit my lunch preparations in the morning. Then did a few hours of admin for Jayne, which mainly involved me wasting half an hour dealing with a vomiting shredder.

Then came the time to overcome the challenge that had been looming over me all day: lugging a week’s worth of food up the hill. After tea, I carried on reading 1 Samuel. Yesterday I decided I was better off reading some of the bible I enjoyed, instead of sitting in my chair paralysed, wondering which bit I’m supposed to read to address all my latent faults. Then watched the first episode of My Hero Academia, which interestingly has an underdog hero in a world of overpowered individuals.

Based on a true story – June 5th (reaction)

I’m still not sure how to react to the London attack. It’s obviously terrible, but no worse than what is occurring in the east at the moment. Also, it’s only due to our privilege that it doesn’t happen more often, and this advantage was largely gained by the disadvantage of foreign nations in history. 

Mondays are normally terrible, as I normally clean then teach piano in the afternoon, which should leave free time in the middle, but always becomes a consuming blob of floating. I was appreciating the rain in the morning, but the contrast between the recent warm weather become too stark, as in the afternoon I received the biggest drenching I’ve ever had in Yorkshire. 

The conditions were perfect for a glory bath in the evening. It’s time my internal clock got some recognition, as I predicted within a minute the time I went back to my room. Was sat wondering whether another episode of Fairy Tail is the only answer to my misguided thoughts. The conclusion, is yes. 

A day in the life – May 27th (environment)

Had one of those moments today where the physical world perfectly resembles the spiritual. I was listening to worship music outside, but then it started raining. The water matched what I was listening to (about dry bones) but eventually the rain became too heavy. I only spent two minutes inside before it stopped. When I went back out, I was berating myself for missing a natural, poetic, anime orchestration, thinking, “God would have said something massive if I’d stayed out.” Then I heard the Father say, “It’s not about where you are, but who I am.”

The whole scenario reminded me of John 3, where Jesus compared the spirit to wind; it’s impossible to see, but you can observe its effects. When I left my room to go out again, the door was slammed shut by the wind. Afterwards, that felt like God saying, “Don’t always feel like you have to retreat to talk with me, I’m out there as well!” Even in the places where I’m not comfortable, and can’t see the “wind”, he’s still moving.
Had a big hangout with Matt in the afternoon and evening, watching King Arthur for the second time. Was surprised that I really enjoyed it again, although didn’t pick up on any of the innuendos that my companion was very aware of.

May 20th (high drama)

Worked today; it was very busy, with the added excitement of the dishwasher copping out. Had to wait half an hour for it to regenerate, then boy did those pots get washed. I had a pot of tea at lunch. I’ve never understood why some tea bags have string attached. It’s supposed to help remove the bag, but that’s perfectly achievable with a spoon, and it gets tangled when stirring. 

Appreciated the rainy walk back, going on a mysterious wander through Weston Park. As if one rebirth through water wasn’t enough, I had one of those amazing showers when I got back. Had the imaginative tea of three bean soup, microwaved rice and tortilla; hey, it’s Taco Bell. Watched quite a few episodes of Fairy Tail. Things are heating up; you know it’s good quality when the tragic backstories start coming out.