August 12th (knowledge and experience)

I was feeling really impatient while doing Chi Kung this morning; at first I was really into it, then I wanted it to end. I started thinking of how the time spent doing it was extremely short in terms of the duration of my entire life, which helped. When I was walking to work, I suddenly had a massive appreciation of being alive. Spontaneous sprinting ensued, which also resulted in better punctuality.

After a day of constant verbal abuse in the kitchen, the Eastern theme continued with some wind-down Pilates. Then had an unexpectedly eventful worship session after tea.

I’m so used to the fact that Jesus is in everything, that I often forget there are times his presence is thick, in a way that defines a moment beyond the ordinary. Paul says in Philippians, “I want to know Christ and experience the mighty power that raised him from the dead.” Traditionally I have a more experience-based approach. But after an encounter comes the ordinary, out of which is born knowledge of his goodness, which tends to be even more profound.

July 26th (the den of productivity)

After a period of long and thorough preparation, I finally established my Den of Productivity in a spare room upstairs. This consists of a desktop computer generously donated by Rob and Jayne, and a perfectly positioned desk. However, the den did not live up to its name on its debut, largely down to stress caused by an extended setup time. Hopefully it will grow into its identity.

After an amazing curry, and a few tentative bites of sponge, I decided it was time to say goodbye to the cake, and it to say hello to the bin. My firm resolve was undermined half an hour later by the presence of flapjack at our community evening. We worshipped in the prayer room, and got the feeling of Holyspirit overtaking me that I so often sense I corporate worship.

I’m often surprised at his patient God is, and unfocused on results. When I’m thinking, “It’s halfway through the day and I’ve achieved nothing, dammit!” I feel him saying, “Wow, you made breakfast AND lunch?!” When I think I should be asking for my life’s plan, he’s more fascinated in the thoughts and feeling of the moment.