August 11th (mystical trees)

Most of today was spent experiencing a cultural revival, by which I mean a renaissance of all my pop music idols, idols being a positive term in this context, as all their music helps me chat with the Lord Almighty. Hello Lady Gaga, Macklemore and Justin Bieber. Offensive language needn’t get in the way of a spiritual rinsing.

On the way to Ben and Grace’s leaving party, I walked through the cemetery. I only found out about this place when I moved away from that area, but it’s really atmospheric. This evening, the combination of trees and misty rain sent me on a nature energy bender. I often think it’s beneficial to get slightly lost. Many hijinks ensued at the house, including deceptively strong punch, and erotic mirrors.

June 25th (natural)

Celebrated my Grandad’s 80th birthday today. It was strange being with loads of distant relatives who I’d never met, but I learnt a lot about our family history. I also saw my dad for the first time in quite a while. We ate so much food.

Afterward I was in dire need of personal reflection, despite having a surplus of this over the week. I walked around Weston Park before I got home. I’m really thankful for nature; without Morecambe Bay and Sheffield’s trees, I wouldn’t know God. Spent a while standing underneath a willow tree connecting with Mother Nature/Holyspirit.

Despite promising myself after lunch I wouldn’t eat chicken for another month, I found myself eating my words, and a certain flightless bird, moments after getting home. Did some Pilates afterwards as a legitimate response to overindulgence. Headed out to Bole Hills, as I’d not yet drunk enough nature energy. Wearing the unbeatable combo of gilet and flip-flops, I stood in the grass barefooted, watching the sky’s light. Realised I need to let Abba father me.

Based on a true story – June 11th (nature energy)

I’m genuinely surprised that I made it through today with even a shred of sanity. I got up really early because I had to clean the Playtime Centre at church. Kids are messy, but I was left wondering what the adults were doing after the party. I’d been planning to recharge in between by sitting outside the cathedral, but that was no longer an options. Regenerated slightly while walking past a row of trees on the way to The Cabin. I’d never noticed how many trees there are in the town centre. The wind was up, and I could feel the nature energy flowing. It smelled nice too, but I was distracted. 

I sustained myself with the hope of sitting under a tree in Weston Park, a dream I fulfilled at approximately 16:45. When I set off again, it started raining heavily, but I was in the state of mind to enjoy it. I’d have found it more stressful even putting my coat on. Broke my internal vow to never play Bohnanza again, I seem cursed to be forever second. My electric toothbrush switched to low battery. The cycle of a short burst of excitement at fresh power, followed all too soon a few days later with a flashing red light, seems to perpetuate my very existence. Is there no end to this way of living? At this moment, Lady Gaga seems to be the only remedy to my sub-level confusion.

A day in the life – May 24 (hope for dry tortillas)

We had a half-day of teaching today, which I normally hate, but I thought it was one of the best we’ve had. Andy spoke on the temptation of Jesus, Luke 4. It stood out to me that the Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness; he didn’t just end up there by accident. This is encouraging, because a few weeks ago I prayed, “Take me further into your presence,” and Father answered, “Are you ready?” I thought he was acting tough, but my life has been an absolute nightmare since then. It makes sense though, because even Jesus had to go through loneliness, weakness and uncertainty to grow closer to his father.

Notwithstanding this mighty revelation, I still had to spend all afternoon alone to prevent any spontaneous acts of violence on innocent conversationalists. After a lunch, at which the main event was the redemption of a dry tortilla with scrambled egg, I hung out in Botanical Gardens and on Ecclesall Road. This area always reminds me of uni, as I lived there in second year, and how close to failure I came. Spent time concocting my life values in reflection of where I want to go in life. Also spent time laying down on a bench becoming one with nature, although I was slightly uneasy that some circling birds might take the connection too far by pooping on me. Then had a BBQ. Firmly establish my supremacy at Swingball, so much so that a certain individual had to resort to distraction techniques, and change predefined guidelines of play to undermine my dominion.

A day in the life – April 21st (outdoors)

I got to spend almost my whole day outside, doing gardening for the Birchenall’s to help pay for our Sicily trip. I’m really thankful to God that he gave me a way to earn the money that I agree with, by doing something that actually helps someone. There were some lovely scones and ginger cakes on offer; they went straight down.

I gave in to the temptation of soaring Native Indian music again while eating tea. That eagle needs to soar. Then had an hour and a half glory bath to relax. I hope I do t end up causing myself permanent heat damage by trying to scald myself into a divine encounter. Just reviewing some verses that stood out from Song of Songs when thinking about true intimacy. “The sheen of your hair radiates royalty; the king is held captive by its tresses.” Whereas a king is normally the one taking prisoners, here is Jesus being disarmed by the beauty he sees within us. Captivation.