I was ready and waiting at my computer at exactly 8:00 to book a careers appointment as soon as it went live, when some rapscallion stole it from straight under my nose while I was uploading some documents. I was in crisis, with the viability of my two-film cinema trip in ruins, and my mind spiralling off into several different parallel universes of time management. After some meditative exercise, the engineering thought processes were flowing, and I found a way. I love spontaneity, but only when I’m in full control.
The change in plans meant I could enjoy the sunshine before shutting myself inside a darkened box. Lay on the grass in Botanical Gardens, becoming one with the sea of grass, and flies. The arrival of noisy children heralded the time to leave. After my midday careers meeting, I went to the cinema. First, Atomic Blonde, an extremely stylish reunion for the female cast of Fast and Furious 8. Then I saw A Ghost Story, almost a product of a child’s perspective on death and memories. I think I was the only one in the audience who appreciated it though, “That was sh*t,” being declared from the back row as soon as the credits started rolling, with much confused conversation in the toilets afterwards.

August 10th (goodbye mr gray)

Had an interview at the Department for Education today. Found it interesting that there was a collection point for a food bank our church helps with. Not that I agree with the Conservatives regimes, but they always get slandered for their poor approach to low-income people, but there is never any mention of clear acts of charity in a governmental building.

Went to Peace Gardens afterwards, and after a sustained effort, finally finished The Picture of Dorian Gray, and can confirm it isn’t a prequel to the Fifty Shades series. It has its elements of fantasy, but none are sexual. Also bought an amazing new pan; thirty centimetres of pure frying potential.

In the evening, I made the executive decision that watching anime would be more entertaining than reading the bible. This judgement was probably true, but now I’m feeling the Song of Songs vibes.

A day in the life – April 23rd (in every moment of our lives, he is the source)

Joel sang this line in worship this morning, which summed up a lot in my life. Often when I’m busy, I feel like I have to put off times with God, because I want them to be really high quality and meaningful. But he is always the reason we do things, even wen we’re not consciously focused on him. I really appreciated being able to worship corporately today, as I’m normally playing in the band. Strongly felt Jesus’ presence and feelings, as well as my own emotions.

Afterwards, did some more gardening at the Birchenall’s. Not much to note from several hours of stuffing twigs into a wood cutter. The Lovell’s did visit, probably to assess whether there was a threat to the title of “nicest house owned by someone at Philly”. I’m not sure what the conclusion was. Got to worship alone on my guitar tonight, as I’ve been too tired the last few days.

A day in the life – April 21st (outdoors)

I got to spend almost my whole day outside, doing gardening for the Birchenall’s to help pay for our Sicily trip. I’m really thankful to God that he gave me a way to earn the money that I agree with, by doing something that actually helps someone. There were some lovely scones and ginger cakes on offer; they went straight down.

I gave in to the temptation of soaring Native Indian music again while eating tea. That eagle needs to soar. Then had an hour and a half glory bath to relax. I hope I do t end up causing myself permanent heat damage by trying to scald myself into a divine encounter. Just reviewing some verses that stood out from Song of Songs when thinking about true intimacy. “The sheen of your hair radiates royalty; the king is held captive by its tresses.” Whereas a king is normally the one taking prisoners, here is Jesus being disarmed by the beauty he sees within us. Captivation.