August 13th (meaty glory)

Led worship this morning at King’s Centre, running close to the wire with getting the amplification setup five seconds before starting. Then it was time for the one hour trek to Philly to say goodbye to Grace and Ben, an ceremony so serious I even wore a shirt. On the way to the BBQ afterwards, I was preoccupied by the question, what is the adjective that refers to a cloth bag’s ability to be thrown into a car boot without worrying about any damage? It isn’t malleable or durable, and definitely not volatile.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so in love with meat. Coupled with a strangely ceremonial cleansing of the feet in the garden pool, and undisputed domination at mini croquet, it was a gathering to remember. Realigned my chakras when I got home, listening to Joanne by Lady Gaga, after which I fell into a listless stupor. Then Mum arrived, and we had general life chats. I refuse to tolerate any obstacle to my morning routine. so had to go on a perilous, late night expedition to Sainsbury’s to fetch porridge, where there was an unexpected reunion with a certain, blonde-haired man.

August 6th (city of a thousand planets)

Several activities managed to coalesce into one, coherent whole today, beginning with the delightful task of cleaning the Playtime Centre at church. This then allowed me to stay for the start of the service and worship, before ditching everyone for the boring part, and powering back up the hill for lunch with Gethin, Grace and her mum. I enjoy our conversations of tearing all beliefs and established modes of behaviour to shreds.

Then went to Cineworld to watch Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets with Luke. Totally absorbing, and with a surprisingly unconventional storyline. It was also quite stylistically similar to animes, being based on a graphic novel. I was planning on watching another film afterwards, but it wasn’t screening anymore, which threw my trajectory off course. I was probably better off with a break anyway.

Submitted to the overruling desire for sugar, and bought some cookies on the way back home. Was reflecting afterwards how my fixation on perfection alters how I view criticism, because it makes me feel I could have done better, even when the problem is abstractly, or not even, related to my performance.

August 2nd (ping pong frenzy)

The day’s first main event was work, and the persistent wrestle with the mysterious concept of coffee-making. The highlight was the delivery of ice cream arriving at precisely the moment I need a scoop of vanilla. Not for myself of course, but all in the name of excellent customer service.

Went to The Picturehouse in the evening with some of my compadres. The exact aim of this social venture was hidden from me, but I’m now certain of several things that transpired. Firstly, my intuition that my hunger would be cured without paying for any food was correct, with an accidental free pizza being given to us. The second was intense competition around the table tennis table, of which I was a minor contributor.

Many original, meditative poses were used in order to align my heart and mind, so that I could channel my entire fury upon that white ball. There were flying glasses, by which I mean spectacles, due to violent enactments of theoretical rallies that unfortunately weren’t realised. All I truly know now is that that floor was extremely dusty, as my bag and feet can testify.

July 28th (explicit worship)

Started off the day with my Chi Kung exercises as usual. The first position is much less strenuous than the second, but the time passes so slowly, and it’s more difficult to stay focused and still. Then went to work at The Cabin. I always like it when you e to reminisce and listen to music from your childhood with someone who shares similar tastes.

Afterwards, it was time to experience the fleeting appearance of Drapper in Sheffield. We ate tea while listening to the biggest worship album of 2015, Purpose by Justin Bieber. I like loads of music, and sometimes a single album seems to define a period of my life. I’ve not stopped listening to this since I bought it; it’s really full of searching songs. Some of them are explicit, XXX worship, as if he’s smacking you in the face with the book of Psalms, while others are more subtle.

July 25th (say no to the cake)

Had a lie in, and read Galatians to build up my bible points before going to Hillsborough to clean. Listened to Muse’s Drones album; one of the songs says, “I gave you everything, I can’t give you any more, now I’ve become just like you.” I feel this way when I try to give everything to Jesus to follow him, in the vain hope that I’ll become like him.

Then went to church for a few hours to do some admin stuff. If printers were more clearly formatted, I reckon it would improve office efficiency by fifty percent. Decided to do other jobs at home tomorrow. I find those offices so hard to work in; everyone is really nice, but they produce distractions that makes productivity impossible. 

Carried on reading The Picture of Dorian Gray in my war against educational stagnation. It’s started to build to a catastrophic conclusion. My resolve to say no to cake lasted less than twenty four hours, as against my will the rainbow cake found its way out of the freezer. Watched a few episodes of Friends after tea, to keep a healthy balance between anime. Otherwise, my mental image of relationships becomes too eternally dramatic.

July 6th (this isn’t what you wanted)

My first target for today was to finish my cleaning job before the heatwave pounced on Sheffield. In an unprecedented move of time management, I achieved this, although I’m not sure the results are repeatable, or transferable to any other scenario. However, after this, life did not follow what my brain predicted. Starting with a washing machine that wasn’t empty, my day spiralled into a schedule chaos. I managed to regain control by watching one episode of Friends.

Question of the day is, “How do I be friends with Holyspirit?” Especially when everyone and everything, including my own being, seems to rebel against this relationship ever deepening. It doesn’t help that he’s quite an abstract idea, and hard to get hold of. Although he is a real person, kind of. Maybe he was enjoying dismantling all my plans.

A day in the life – April 30th (aether)

Another day another dollar, working at The Cabin again. I transcended the limits of multitasking today, by taking care of the washing and making pancake and waffle mix simultaneously. I surprise even myself, as I never thought such a feat possible.

The only appropriate relaxation afterwards was shower, food and Lady Gaga. I then carried on plowing through the genealogies at the start of 1 Chronicles. I keep losing my place, and end up cycling around the musicians. Anyway, I’m sure of two things; there is a mysterious, spiritual benefit to such a mind-numbing exercise, and the lists will end at some point (please). I was thinking of watching more Fairy Tail, but chose Friends instead, as any more anime of imagery would probably sever all ties between my consciousness and reality, permanently stranding me in the Aether.