August 14th (bladder exploitation)

Was cleaning this morning, and took advantage of the latest technique in workplace efficiency. I arrived at the house desperate for the loo, but instead of submitting to this desire, I used it to fuel greater productivity as I dealt with the kitchen mess. The method was a roaring success. Also managed to listen to classical music for the first time in a while. Blown away by the amount of counter-melodies Bach can handle at once. 

Continued the gradual stockpile for David’s Tent next week. I’d already acquired some granola but was wondering, how can I make it filling, when any yoghurt will go off without refrigeration. Semi-skimmed lactose free milk became the answer to the question I didn’t know I was asking.

As the series of evening soaking sessions continues, I’ve found it easier to see Jesus when I approach him outside of any context. If I’m always trying to find an explanation for the world around me, I miss the glory cloud aspect to his character.

August 13th (meaty glory)

Led worship this morning at King’s Centre, running close to the wire with getting the amplification setup five seconds before starting. Then it was time for the one hour trek to Philly to say goodbye to Grace and Ben, an ceremony so serious I even wore a shirt. On the way to the BBQ afterwards, I was preoccupied by the question, what is the adjective that refers to a cloth bag’s ability to be thrown into a car boot without worrying about any damage? It isn’t malleable or durable, and definitely not volatile.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so in love with meat. Coupled with a strangely ceremonial cleansing of the feet in the garden pool, and undisputed domination at mini croquet, it was a gathering to remember. Realigned my chakras when I got home, listening to Joanne by Lady Gaga, after which I fell into a listless stupor. Then Mum arrived, and we had general life chats. I refuse to tolerate any obstacle to my morning routine. so had to go on a perilous, late night expedition to Sainsbury’s to fetch porridge, where there was an unexpected reunion with a certain, blonde-haired man.

August 9th (service)

Started early at The Cabin today. I enjoyed setting my own morning vibe in the kitchen with music. It was a weird day, with a really late lunch rush. Working in a food establishment has really altered my perspective of what customer service is. Sometimes people can have unrealistic expectations, and not understand that problems sometimes occur, that the server doesn’t want to happen.

I have a flawless bag system, whereby I always keep my essentials in my rucksack, so that if I have that one item, I have everything. Where this falls down is on spontaneous occasions where I falsely believe my organisation skills supersede this structure. One such occasion was me going to Sainsbury’s to buy popcorn without my bag, so I could have the experience of walking without a heavy load. Unfortunately, I had the knock-on experience of forgetting my wallet.

Had tea tonight with some friends. I truly believe there is no limit to the amount of sauce I can eat, of any kind. We decided to watch The Wedding Ringer. I was crying with laughter, but it also had some meaningful themes about friendship.

August 3rd (bye bye bagels)

In a rare moment of accurate time management, I woke up early enough to float around dreamily, and get to work ten minutes early. I even managed to read the Bible like a good Christian, and pray! Then was the slow, unpublicised funeral of the leftover cinnamon and raisin bagels. As they’ve been taken of the menu, any remaining are being slowly consumed behind the scenes; sorrowful and scrumptious simultaneously.

After tea, I slotted in a lonely rave before ascending to my bedroom to rest in glory. In my head, I always think that long times of worship must equal the best encounters. God doesn’t need ages, but we do, and he makes himself patient for us.

August 2nd (ping pong frenzy)

The day’s first main event was work, and the persistent wrestle with the mysterious concept of coffee-making. The highlight was the delivery of ice cream arriving at precisely the moment I need a scoop of vanilla. Not for myself of course, but all in the name of excellent customer service.

Went to The Picturehouse in the evening with some of my compadres. The exact aim of this social venture was hidden from me, but I’m now certain of several things that transpired. Firstly, my intuition that my hunger would be cured without paying for any food was correct, with an accidental free pizza being given to us. The second was intense competition around the table tennis table, of which I was a minor contributor.

Many original, meditative poses were used in order to align my heart and mind, so that I could channel my entire fury upon that white ball. There were flying glasses, by which I mean spectacles, due to violent enactments of theoretical rallies that unfortunately weren’t realised. All I truly know now is that that floor was extremely dusty, as my bag and feet can testify.

August 1st (my other hero)

Had a really slow start to the day, with everything taking an inflated amount of time, perhaps due to the relaxation vibes permeates by the legendary Native Indian album. Finally made it out of the house to clean, where the ethereal melodies continued.

Managed to stuff my face with the last of the salted peanuts while being assaulted by the thunder gods. Then dried off at church, while continuing to next instalment of my epic lunch, with some soup to compliment my butterless bread. Hard times hit my lunch preparations in the morning. Then did a few hours of admin for Jayne, which mainly involved me wasting half an hour dealing with a vomiting shredder.

Then came the time to overcome the challenge that had been looming over me all day: lugging a week’s worth of food up the hill. After tea, I carried on reading 1 Samuel. Yesterday I decided I was better off reading some of the bible I enjoyed, instead of sitting in my chair paralysed, wondering which bit I’m supposed to read to address all my latent faults. Then watched the first episode of My Hero Academia, which interestingly has an underdog hero in a world of overpowered individuals.

July 29th (dancing in the dark)

Walked through Botanical Gardens in the morning on Matt’s big send off to Pride. Then it was time to get ready for Jen and Evie’s wedding. I’d been looking forward to it so much, mainly because it was all in the afternoon, and didn’t sprawl over the whole day. Also, I wasn’t playing any music, which made it seem like even more time.

I really loved every part of it; I’ve never tasted such chicken. But after finishing eating, and having pudding and a cup of tea, the galaxy of food in my stomach had consolidated into one mass, with the realisation I’d over eaten.

Also, the first dance was the best I’ve ever seen, but I had the inkling that it would be beyond the ordinary. I didn’t join in any dancing later, but I was surprisingly blessed by Jesus’ presence for the next few hours as I stood and listened to the music. I don’t mind dancing on my own before Holyspirit, but in that context, where everyone forms circles, it feels like a performance, and I’m too much of a perfectionist to join in. Maybe I should transform the front room into a dance floor to practice.