August 12th (knowledge and experience)

I was feeling really impatient while doing Chi Kung this morning; at first I was really into it, then I wanted it to end. I started thinking of how the time spent doing it was extremely short in terms of the duration of my entire life, which helped. When I was walking to work, I suddenly had a massive appreciation of being alive. Spontaneous sprinting ensued, which also resulted in better punctuality.

After a day of constant verbal abuse in the kitchen, the Eastern theme continued with some wind-down Pilates. Then had an unexpectedly eventful worship session after tea.

I’m so used to the fact that Jesus is in everything, that I often forget there are times his presence is thick, in a way that defines a moment beyond the ordinary. Paul says in Philippians, “I want to know Christ and experience the mighty power that raised him from the dead.” Traditionally I have a more experience-based approach. But after an encounter comes the ordinary, out of which is born knowledge of his goodness, which tends to be even more profound.

August 11th (mystical trees)

Most of today was spent experiencing a cultural revival, by which I mean a renaissance of all my pop music idols, idols being a positive term in this context, as all their music helps me chat with the Lord Almighty. Hello Lady Gaga, Macklemore and Justin Bieber. Offensive language needn’t get in the way of a spiritual rinsing.

On the way to Ben and Grace’s leaving party, I walked through the cemetery. I only found out about this place when I moved away from that area, but it’s really atmospheric. This evening, the combination of trees and misty rain sent me on a nature energy bender. I often think it’s beneficial to get slightly lost. Many hijinks ensued at the house, including deceptively strong punch, and erotic mirrors.

August 3rd (bye bye bagels)

In a rare moment of accurate time management, I woke up early enough to float around dreamily, and get to work ten minutes early. I even managed to read the Bible like a good Christian, and pray! Then was the slow, unpublicised funeral of the leftover cinnamon and raisin bagels. As they’ve been taken of the menu, any remaining are being slowly consumed behind the scenes; sorrowful and scrumptious simultaneously.

After tea, I slotted in a lonely rave before ascending to my bedroom to rest in glory. In my head, I always think that long times of worship must equal the best encounters. God doesn’t need ages, but we do, and he makes himself patient for us.

July 15th (veil)

The expectation did not match the reality today, which was a good thing, as I enjoyed a whole day of wedding affairs much more than I thought I would. I managed to grab enough time for an hour-long Bieber session, which helped me on the straight and narrow, before going down to rehearse the music; it’s always weird playing when you’ve got no choice about songs. I then ended up carrying out some emergency candle trimming, one of those unexpected tasks that gets thrust upon you out of the blue. There was a distinct trail of waxy destruction in the kitchen (in hindsight I should have used a chopping board), but my frenzied hacking finally gave way to the desired result.

When Mary appeared at he end of the aisle, Holyspirit hit me with the verse from Song of Songs: “Why should I be like a veiled woman beside my lover.” Sums up my pet hate of not being constantly bathed in glory. After the ceremony, there was a floaty period of a few hours, where nothing in particular is achieved. This is a major offence to my focus on efficiency, but I made it.

There was much irresponsible conversation at the meal afterwards. I can’t remember why, but we were coming up with drug awareness songs, with the best pun being, “Cannabass, cannabass, cannabass,” which I take full credit for. Very happy to have an excuse to escape dancing, as I had to clean the Playtime Centre. Upon finishing, found out everyone had deserted the site, which suited me perfectly.

A day in the life – May 21st (worship coma)

Got up at 6 to clean the Playtime Centre, then played worship afterwards. Had lunch at Rob and Jayne’s. By this point I’d reached my social limit. I have one of two reactions to this, the first being to talk relentlessly as a poorly devised defence mechanism, the second being to experience the urge to smack people in the face with every word spoken. Many punches were thrown, but fortunately only in my imagination. 

Saw the tail end of an outdoor production of Twelfth Night in Crookes Valley Park, then also a Ceilidh group in Weston Park. I think God was reminding me about ways I used to meet him in. While cooking, he said, “All religion has to die,” but didn’t get many specifics. 
I stopped pretending that my life was complete without watching the first episode of Boruto. Very exciting; I wonder if it’s possible for any anime to surpass Naruto. Then had a soaking session, which led to the worship coma I’m currently in. In future, don’t attempt when sleepy (I always make this vow). Started encountering Holyspirit like a rising, cool sensation. All my spiritual moments leave me wondering whether I left the window wide open.