August 6th (city of a thousand planets)

Several activities managed to coalesce into one, coherent whole today, beginning with the delightful task of cleaning the Playtime Centre at church. This then allowed me to stay for the start of the service and worship, before ditching everyone for the boring part, and powering back up the hill for lunch with Gethin, Grace and her mum. I enjoy our conversations of tearing all beliefs and established modes of behaviour to shreds.

Then went to Cineworld to watch Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets with Luke. Totally absorbing, and with a surprisingly unconventional storyline. It was also quite stylistically similar to animes, being based on a graphic novel. I was planning on watching another film afterwards, but it wasn’t screening anymore, which threw my trajectory off course. I was probably better off with a break anyway.

Submitted to the overruling desire for sugar, and bought some cookies on the way back home. Was reflecting afterwards how my fixation on perfection alters how I view criticism, because it makes me feel I could have done better, even when the problem is abstractly, or not even, related to my performance.

August 1st (my other hero)

Had a really slow start to the day, with everything taking an inflated amount of time, perhaps due to the relaxation vibes permeates by the legendary Native Indian album. Finally made it out of the house to clean, where the ethereal melodies continued.

Managed to stuff my face with the last of the salted peanuts while being assaulted by the thunder gods. Then dried off at church, while continuing to next instalment of my epic lunch, with some soup to compliment my butterless bread. Hard times hit my lunch preparations in the morning. Then did a few hours of admin for Jayne, which mainly involved me wasting half an hour dealing with a vomiting shredder.

Then came the time to overcome the challenge that had been looming over me all day: lugging a week’s worth of food up the hill. After tea, I carried on reading 1 Samuel. Yesterday I decided I was better off reading some of the bible I enjoyed, instead of sitting in my chair paralysed, wondering which bit I’m supposed to read to address all my latent faults. Then watched the first episode of My Hero Academia, which interestingly has an underdog hero in a world of overpowered individuals.

July 20th (shorts day)

I automatically put my shorts on this morning, which was the worst decision I’ve made in my life, as I was spending the day in Buxton, which is always at least five degrees colder than Sheffield. The error of my ways started to sink in halfway through the bus journey. After disembarking, a guy gave me a sympathetic gaze as I walked through the centre, but he didn’t know how they make them up north; his pity was wasted on me.

Spent the day catching up with Matt, following our usual format of touring coffee shops, and conversations which flit from film reviews to the history of the church and its multiple offences against humankind. I think we’re both tired of institutionalised church, but love the body of Christ. I was also amazed at the amount of water that could pass through my body within half an hour, as I’m sure the public toilet was.

Then had all the barnacles shaken off my skin heading back, on the bumpiest bus ride in Europe. I had to get off early and walk past the trees for therapy. Then went to the Restore social evening, where I was totally overwhelmed by the amount of people there, and that I didn’t know many of them. I pulled through by distracting myself with practical tasks.