August 10th (goodbye mr gray)

Had an interview at the Department for Education today. Found it interesting that there was a collection point for a food bank our church helps with. Not that I agree with the Conservatives regimes, but they always get slandered for their poor approach to low-income people, but there is never any mention of clear acts of charity in a governmental building.

Went to Peace Gardens afterwards, and after a sustained effort, finally finished The Picture of Dorian Gray, and can confirm it isn’t a prequel to the Fifty Shades series. It has its elements of fantasy, but none are sexual. Also bought an amazing new pan; thirty centimetres of pure frying potential.

In the evening, I made the executive decision that watching anime would be more entertaining than reading the bible. This judgement was probably true, but now I’m feeling the Song of Songs vibes.

August 4th (Glory with a capital G)

The only real, measurable outcome of today was the successful exploitation of the weather to deal with a huge quantity of washing. Despite a visit to the Den of Productivity, very little progress was made in other quarters. There was also the early-morning mystery of how a full pack of butter got consumed in three days. 

I was dreaming of being outside all day, so went out to Bole Hills in the afternoon, but felt exhausted when I got back because of the wind. Ended up lying on my bed listening to Matt Redman. There was a moment where I felt my pursuit of Jesus switch from passive to active. Not like an increase in hunger, more like an awakening or deeper enlightenment of what I actually want.

Reading through 1 Samuel at the moment, as a warmup to David’s life. Reminded of the Glory aspect of God, as opposed to the romantic, relational side we so often focus upon. Watched a few episodes of Fairy Tail. I’ve got over the hill with the current story arc, with some epic moments, but questioning how valid it is to always watch some kind of entertainment almost every day.

August 1st (my other hero)

Had a really slow start to the day, with everything taking an inflated amount of time, perhaps due to the relaxation vibes permeates by the legendary Native Indian album. Finally made it out of the house to clean, where the ethereal melodies continued.

Managed to stuff my face with the last of the salted peanuts while being assaulted by the thunder gods. Then dried off at church, while continuing to next instalment of my epic lunch, with some soup to compliment my butterless bread. Hard times hit my lunch preparations in the morning. Then did a few hours of admin for Jayne, which mainly involved me wasting half an hour dealing with a vomiting shredder.

Then came the time to overcome the challenge that had been looming over me all day: lugging a week’s worth of food up the hill. After tea, I carried on reading 1 Samuel. Yesterday I decided I was better off reading some of the bible I enjoyed, instead of sitting in my chair paralysed, wondering which bit I’m supposed to read to address all my latent faults. Then watched the first episode of My Hero Academia, which interestingly has an underdog hero in a world of overpowered individuals.

July 17th (the last)

It’s true that without Eastern spirituality, my life would be quite the mess lately. Stepped up the Chi Kung this morning, holding one of the positions for fifteen minutes instead of ten. I genuinely thought I wouldn’t make it; it really highlighted for me how important mental strength is in exercise. I normally feel exhausted after the normal length, but because I’d decided to do longer, I made it. For most of it, I was thinking, “The next breath, focus on the next breath.”

After work, I took emergency measures to redirect my spirituality, and watched The Last: Naruto the Movie. Anime is always unexpectedly emotional; this movie should be listed as a whirlwind romantic drama. Best quote –

“Why are you hiding that?”
“It’s irritating, and prevents me from making wise decisions.”

The story of my life with anything conventional. There is a moment where Naruto is travelling through his memories, and sees them from a different perspective, realising something that is actually very obvious. Holyspirit said that I should ask to see how Jesus and Father do. I feel ready for anything now, but that’s largely down to the rousing soundtrack.

July 16th (purpose)

Worked at The Cabin today, and after a manic first two hours, the busyness dropped off later on, with me simultaneously losing all my purpose. Although I found out my love of Kate Bush has been imparted upon one of my colleagues. Went to Sainsbury’s on my break to provide some activity. Now the house is empty apart from Gethin and I, the purge must start, the main fuels of which being bleach and elbow grease.

Whenever I get home from work, I find I’m most productive even though I’m tired, if I can just keep moving. My Cineworld card has been upgraded after a year, and is now stylishly black to indicate that I’ve ascended to the upper echelons of theatrics. Inducted Gethin into the creed of Naruto. I’ve watched the first episode so many times now, I’m confusing it with my own childhood. 

Finally got round to listen to some random worship songs in an attempt to connect with the Jesus. Although I think at the moment my single-minded approach is actually getting in the way. But I don’t know what to replace it with!

July 1st (raisins)

Appreciated the synergy in the kitchen at The Cabin today. Although after being asked what my favourite fruit was, I was given the nickname “Raisins,” which was my (supposedly) amusing answer. I am baffled.

In pursuit of organic diversity, I headed to Sainsbury’s afterward to buy some trusty apples. I forgot to get an onion which I needed for tea, so was heading towards another shop near my home, but Holyspirit told me not to go. I don’t really understand why, and thought my curry would be a disaster, but we were able to compensate with mushrooms. Fortunately, the whole mealtime process only took an hour, instead of expanding into a sprawling mess that absorbed all the evening, as is usually the case.

After some anime, it was time for a late evening glory session. I listened to Enya’s album The Celts to make the book of Luke seem less dull. I was enjoying the lovely sounds, but eventually got round to some reading. Jesus says, “Whoever has will be given more; whoever does not have, even what they think they have will be taken away from them.” I always think this is brutal. But I think life is easier if we don’t focus on who we think we are and what we can do, and pay attention to what he says and gives instead. The other stuff has got to disappear at some point anyway.

Based on a true story – June 13th (nindo)

It was the last teaching day on Form today, and I feel surprisingly unemotional. Maybe I’ll get slammed by a subconscious release of emotions on the weekend away. Liz and John taught us how to stay true to who we are forever. 

In the afternoon we presented the result of our talents project, where we were given a sum of money in groups to invest. While we didn’t exactly establish a long-term business plan, ours was the only group to make profit, with the eternal ethos of, “Make as much money as possible, with the least amount of effort.”

The evening held the second instalment of the Williams’ exposure to Naruto. It continues to be received well, but different pastures will be visited in the next visit, if there even is one. Wondering why anime is so popular in my generation, who are supposed to have poor attention spans, when it contains so much waiting, dialogue in between excitement, and still scenes.